Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quotidian # 3

Okay, this is an 8" x 12" oil on masonite painting of my favorite olive oils.  I am LOVING painting my favorite things.  Maybe I should start humming the 'Sound of Music" song while I paint!  Although, to be honest, I am often freaked out and worried when I work.  I HAVE to paint. I know that it is gift that has been given to me... and yet I suffer from major 'imposter syndrome' (you know the voice in your head that tells you that you are not a REAL painter, or writer, or film-maker). I am sure, that any minute, everyone is gonna find out that I can't really paint...or that the 'muse' has left the building.  So I ignore the inner voices and try to do what all of my heroes advise, "You just need to keep showing up every day, and doing the work."  Some of my heroes are Peter Brown Hoffmeister (the writer), Carol Marine (painter) and Alice Neel (painter who just kept going no matter what life dealt her).  So if you are a doubting artist out there, I want to encourage you to "Just keep swimming" (Dory) xo

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