Wednesday, October 2, 2013

People With No Names: The Undocumented #117

     This unfinished 24" x 36" oil on canvas is titled,  "Que busca?" or "What are you looking for?"or "What do you want?"  These child venders, at a market in Guatemala, kept asking me this question.     Now I am asking that same question of my government.  What do we want?  As I write this, the government is shut down. National Parks and Monuments are closed, many Federal employees have been told NOT to come to work, and those people who are required to continue working will NOT be paid for their work.  All of this is happening so that 'The Affordable Care Act' will not be that the children, the weak and the vulnerable will not be cared for.
     European tourists in the United States today expressed disbelief that the country that claims to be the "Leader of the Free World" does not want to extend health care to all of its citizens.