Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quotidian #13

Last night I read something important in a book called 'Sketch' by France Belleville-Van Stone.  She  said that she got discouraged because her drawings were results oriented.  She wanted a specific image that she had in her head.  When she failed to achieve that exact image, she felt stuck and frozen. It took a while for her to learn that drawing is about the 'process' of is about perceiving the thing or scene that you are looking at.  "It is no coincidence that the word 'perceive' itself takes its roots from the Latin verb percipere, which means to seize, to understand.  When you draw, you gain awareness of what is in front of you as you are visually grasping it" (p. 6, Sketch)  This is one of many small, 4" x 6" oil sketches I intend to do this year to 'seize and understand' my new garden as I get to know it this year.

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