Friday, October 17, 2014

Quptidian # 6

This is an oil on canvas board, 8" x10".  It is an interior study of another view of my new living room.
But in this one, I am studying the lamplight at night as it illuminates the built in bookshelves and casts strong shadows toward the front door.   As you know, I am obsessed with looking and everything.  It takes me a really long time to really see what I am looking painting it helps me see it more fully.  Speaking of seeing, I just saw an amazing little film called "Advanced Style".  It derives from a blog by Ari Seth Cohen's blog by the same name and was made by a film maker who is only 27!, her name is Lena Plioplyte.  It is about women in New York who don't care about getting older, they just care about looking fabulous at any age. It is such an uplifting, kind and creative film.  We all clapped at the end.  Please run to see will make you see/look at/care and be curious about those round you.  P.S. My living room is 78 yrs old and she looks pretty terrific!

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