Monday, November 4, 2013

People With No Names: The Undocumented #119

This 8" x 12" oil on board is an unfinished view of an undocumented immigrant building a fence,  in the United States, for a family.  There is an unfinished section of foliage "on his back" and as I looked at it, I realized that it reminded me of the "burden" on the back of the 'Pilgrim' in the story "Pilgrim's Progress".  What a relief it was for the pilgrim in the story, when his burden was rolled away.  What a relief it would be to 'roll away' (i.e. reform the immigration policies in our country) or remove the immigrants' daily fear of being 'found out', of being deported, of being separated from their loved ones and possibly never seeing them again.

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