Tuesday, March 12, 2013

People With No Names, The Undocumented: 109

This 11" x 14" oil on canvas is of a young man who was recently deported from the United States.  I keep thinking that we are not paying attention to history as it is unfolding.  We see so clearly that we should have done more as Jews were being rounded up in Europe during WWII...we should have helped in Rwanda.  We should have the attitude of a character in a book that I am reading (The Postmistress by Sarah Blake) as she realizes what is happening in Europe in the winter of 1941.  "Whatever is coming does NOT just come, as you say.  It's helped by people willfully looking away.  People who develop the habit of swallowing lies rather than the truth.  The minute you start thinking something else, then you stopped paying attention---and paying attention is all we've got."

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