Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All You Holy Men and Women Pray For Us-Saints Among Us #2

This "saint" works tirelessly with The Samaritans (Los Samaritanos).  "Since July 1, 2002, Samaritans have been a voice of compassion, a healing presence in the Arizona desert.  It is an organization comprised of people of conscience and faith who render humanitarian aide to migrants in distress in the Tucson sector of the Arizona/Mexico border.  In the desert,  if a person is actively exerting himself, (and the coyotes/paid guides ARE hustling them along),  he needs 15.5 liters of water per day to stay hydrated.  There is no way that a person can carry that much water.  Dehydration also makes a person more prone to hypo- and hyperthermia.  Then, to further compound problems, immigrants get huge, foot-encompassing blisters that render them unable to 'keep up' so they are abandoned in the desert by the coyotes.  IF they can continue,  they often become lost, succumb to the elements, and die.  The woman pictured above, hikes the trails searching for lost immigrants,  puts water alongside the remote ever-changing paths that immigrants take, educates others about the immigrant plight, and has co-authored a book titled 'Crossing With The Virgin'  (by Kathryn Ferguson, Norma Price and Ted Parks).  She also owns a dance studio and teaches belly dancing.  Oh glorious, myriad, diverse saints among us!


  1. I love this painting! It is beautiful. She has very "kind eyes."

  2. Dear Pamela: I am very glad, as you yourself are and have stated in another part of your blog site, that you are painting for the cause of the undocumented immigrants. It is wonderful to know through your paintings people who love the undocumented immigrants and the wonderful work they do to assist them. This gives hope in the midst of the bad news we get through the media of the people who rebuff these immigrants. You have very ably presented the reality of the undocumented immigrants from many angles. Thank you for your thoughtful, comprehensive and artful expressions. God bless you with continuing openness to inspiration. An admirer