Friday, March 23, 2012

America's Most Wanted #4

Yesterday I went to "Operation Streamline" again.   It was a model of American efficiency.  In one short hour, 53 people were duly processed and entered into the American Criminal justice system.  (Remember to picture them in shackles, chained at the hands, feet, and waist.)  The judge quickly rattles off their "rights".  Every time he does it,  I try to picture speaking up for myself if I were in chains, a foreign intimidating environment,  and I didn't understand the legal lingo or possibly even the language that is being spoken. He asks each group of 7-8 appearing in front of him if they have been in any way "forced, threatened, obligated, or intimidated...or are not appearing voluntarily before him".  (...Um, yes, they were forced, threatened and intimidated off their land in their home country...decided to try the Land of Opportunity.)  He tells them that their fingerprints have been taken and that they are now in the American criminal justice system.  He asks them if they "have knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily entered a plea of guilty?"  They all say, "Si, culpable."  Remember that the crime that they have committed, is walking for days in a forbidding desert to find menial work,  to feed their families.  Its "The Hunger Games" being played out everyday...only FOR REAL,  not a Hollywood blockbuster fantasy.  And make no mistake...the real-life situation is equally dramatic and high tech.  It pits small, poor, hungry, de-hydrated people, on foot...  against tall, fit, and heavily armed well-fed and fully-hydrated people.  The hungry poor actually manage to elude the guns, dogs, helicopters, drones (no I am not kidding), trucks and ATVs... sometimes.  Their "prize" is that they get to live in fear of being discovered and do work that no native-born American would deign to do.

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