Friday, March 16, 2012

America's Most Wanted #1

Okay, I am starting a new series of immigrant paintings.  They will all be oil on stretched canvas, 11"x14".  I am calling it "America's Most Wanted" as a sort of double entendre...i.e. we want work done in our country AND we want to find and deport workers.  We legally permit big American corporations and banks to plunder Central and South America (see NAFTA and The Profits of Extermination by Francisco Ramirez Cuellar),  thus shoving people off their land where they have made a living for generations AND we want to do a squeeze play at our borders as these displaced people try to make a run to second base (yes, I just used a baseball analogy).  People are forced to migrate northward to find work;  People are then arrested and criminalized for trying to feed their families.   People are arrested and criminalized for trying to do work that Native born Americans will NEVER do.  People are arrested and criminalized for being modern day  "Les Miserables".

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  1. A new series.....AWESOME! Go after it, woman. Chas