Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All You Holy Men and Women Pray For Us-Saints Among Us #1

It is closing in on our Easter celebratory time and I find myself looking forward to the singing of the Litany of the Saints...that wonderful song where we sing the names of Saints who have gone before us and then the refrain is, "All you holy men and women hear our prayer".   It gives this wonderful sense of us being in an historic and world-wide context, i.e. whatever our situation, we are not alone.  So, the portrait today is of a very elderly Rabbi (he walked up to the Presbyterian pulpit to speak, slowly, with a walker) who has been working with people of all faiths (and no faith) for 30 years.  For 30 years he has partnered with an ecumenical task force to provide humanitarian aid and advocacy for refugees.  He read from the book of Jeremiah 31: 31-34.  He said that historically, "It was a book written by a Jew, to Jews...but it was for everyone."  The assembled,  mostly non-Jews,  laughed but we got it.  Good stuff is FOR EVERYONE...not just a chosen few!  P.S.  Watch for more "Saints Among Us...they are everywhere!

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