Sunday, March 20, 2011

why i paint what i paint #17

I am reading a book about the immigration experience called "A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey". It sets forth 'Theological Perspectives on Migration'. "So is it hard to migrate? It is clear that migrating is a difficult experience undertaken by strong people. In addition we see in the journey of the migrants a troubling contradiction: although they sustain much of the infrastructure of the U.S. economy, they are forced to live as foreigners and outsiders. And although the United States is a country of immigrants, those who come to this country today from foreign lands are still marginalized and excluded. This happens not only in the United States but is a problematic pattern we see in other parts of the world as well. And while globalization has opened borders to capital and commerce, people are being left out. This state of affairs cannot continue. The world must change... We need to see migrants as our neighbors...who we accompany, encourage, and animate. Encouraging the migrants along the way---to animate them, to put life back into them---is an important attitude that we must learn from Jesus. Time and again throughout the Gospels our Lord animates, gives life and strength to those who in their suffering approach him."---Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez

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