Wednesday, December 15, 2010

People With No Names - The Undocumented #46

Recently, while on the radio I was asked the question, "What do the undocumented do for work in this country?" I have been thinking a lot about that question. It is always work that is fairly hidden, tucked away from view. I think this serves several purposes: 1) they are less likely to come to someone's attention and be deported, 2) it is not necessary to use a new and difficult language and 3) a lot of necessary life work is either unpleasant (in the case of slaughter-houses), domestic (therefore confined to homes or kitchens), or agricultural. In short, it is work that quite literally keeps our society fed and functioning. This painting, oil on board 8" x 12" is a recent domestic scene where two undocumented women are making dirty things clean and chaotic things orderly. God Bless them!


  1. I love your work. do you let people come see your studio? Does Karin Clark hang your stuff? I think she should! Nice to chat with you at PC today. I'm adding you to my blogroll
    --Kate McCarthy
    (The Hooligan's Mother)