Sunday, November 7, 2010

why i paint what i paint #8

I saw a powerful movie two nights ago called "Under The Same Moon". My husband and I couldn't get it to show us English subtitles so we just watched it in Spanish and got the gist of it. It wasn't hard to do. It was a gut wrenching portrayal of the life of a ten year old boy living with, and taking care of his sick grandmother. In a flashback, at the beginning of the movie we see his mother enduring a harrowing journey into the U.S. (four years earlier) in order to earn money to send her son to school and feed him. We see him joking around with a cousin who is a "Chiclets" selling, ragged little kid who has no adult supporting him. Meanwhile, his mother is getting up in the dark in L.A. to take 3 buses to get to house cleaning jobs. They speak every Sunday via public telephones without fail. They can't physically see or touch each other but they are under the same moon every night.

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  1. pamela! love this post. I heard about you from marg and maya and I'm very interested in the sort of work you do-- I believe that storytelling should extend to each person, that there is no such element as 'ordinary', and that, if there were, that ordinary might be the most extraordinary phenomenon of all