Friday, October 15, 2010

People With No Names - The Undocumented #28

This asphaltum under-painting is a study in light, medium and dark values. I am trying to get to the heart of the image, just as I am trying to understand the immigration debate. I am trying to understand why a wealthy, diverse nation of immigrants no longer wants to welcome tired, oppressed, huddled masses. We are a 'stone soup' nation. Many of us came to this country with so few material resources, such that we can name them in only one short sentence. The man in this image, with his back to us, showed me his deportation document. He has gotten the maximum time, ( 20 years), before he can re-apply to join his wife and child (both U.S. citizens). He had been working for many years picking melons and other crops in the U.S. He told me that a policeman had asked to see his papers and the deportation had ensued. I have since learned that the INS is backlogged by at least 18 yrs. in processing applications for family this man is potentially elgible to legally re-join his family in 38 years.

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  1. Wow Pamela- What an amazing project you are undertaking in painting these stories. I cannot agree with you more that the US has only to gain from welcoming and supporting people who want to come here and work for the betterment of their families. I hope you will consider having a show of these paintings in Eugene. I will heartily promote it!