Thursday, September 23, 2010

People With No Names - The Undocumented #18

These 4 women and about 75 men are eating the first of two meals a day at the Centro para Atencion a los Migrantes Deportados in Nogales, Mexico a few hundred yards from where Mexico borders Arizona. There, volunteers serve two hearty meals a day and provide basic medical care and clothes or shoes to those who need them. Many people tell the same story: namely they had been living and working in the U. S. for years, went home to visit a dying relative or some other equally important family event and then could not return 'home' to family and a longtime work situation in the U.S. One man even owned his own blacksmithing business near Seattle (having come to th U.S. as a small child), spoke fluent English, and now found himself in the no-man's land of the immigration debacle. He was eager to get 'home' because he has employees who work for him.

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