Monday, August 23, 2010

People With No Names - The Undocumented #11

This wonderful 70 year old healer and former migrant worker labored in the fields with her parents from the time she was very young. She says,"My daddy taught me to work, and I was not scared to do anything. He didn't expect anything less of me than the men, even though I was seven years old and skinnier than a twig. There would be a grown-up man to my left and my right. I was in the middle, trudging through mud with a gunnysack for cabbage or tomatoes or whatever they were planting. As soon as I got to the other end, I had to turn around and start again. Those men could not catch up with me! I cannot remember being tired. But I also cannot remember being a child. I was a girl-woman."

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  1. I love your stuff, Pam. I was at Casa Maria - a soup kitchen in south Tucson - this morning helping with the food. I mentioned you and Charlie to Brian Flagg, the radical who runs the place. Several of our Newman students live in CM housing and help out regularly. I'm proud of them!
    Got my passport yesterday, so I'm good to go to the KBI when you and himself are here. I'd like to take you to Casa Maria, too.